Cycling for Fitness and a Healthy, Happier Life

Cycling for fitness as part of a fitness and healthy eating program can lead to a healthier and happier life.

cycling for fitness

Cycling to a Healthy Life

In the spring of 2016, shortly after my 57th birthday, I realised I needed to get fit and healthy so that my body didn’t fall apart before I got into old age.

What dawned on me was that, unless I looked after my body and health, it would not work properly in my old age. I also realised that I would not be around to get a telegram from the future King on my 100th birthday!

For most of my life I had played rugby (both Rugby Union and Rugby League). I suffered two bad injuries playing the oval ball game – a fractured lower vertebrae and a serious knee injury.

After my knee injury, I got the news that I had cancer. This was sorted out through an operation to remove a tumour the size of my fist. Thinking all was now fine, a year later, after a routine check, I received the news that the cancer was back.

This time was more serious and I had to endure months of Chemotherapy. One of the chemicals pumped into my body was Bleomycin which, unfortunately, had a side effect of attacking the lungs. As a result, my VO2 max, the maximum amount of oxygen I could use in sport, was drastically reduced.

After my rugby playing days I took up running, my rugby physique was not designed for running but nor was the Bumble Bee designed for flight.  I took up the challenge and held my own against other non-elite club athletes. I ran longer distances as my lungs could no longer cope with short, fast races after my cancer treatment.

In 2010, my knee injury from my rugby days caught up with me and I had to have a total knee joint replacement and was advised by the surgeon not to run anymore so that my new knee joint did not wear out too soon.

I struggled to keep fit without running and the gym was boring. I needed a fitness activity where I could put on some scruffy kit and have a ‘run out’ for an hour or more at any time of day or evening. Eureka! I discovered cycling in July 2016!

Cycling is my core fitness activity now and I do a few other cross-training activities to gain all round fitness such as weight training, swimming and hill walking.

My motto is ‘Grab life by the horns as life itself is too short not to’!

After a long time, I am now ready to develop this web site around my venture back to fitness through cycling and other fitness activities combioned with healthy living (with some natural unhealthy vises of course).

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