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How to Party Sober

I have just read How to Party Sober: A Step by Step Guide to Socialising Without Alcohol
Author: Rachel Black

My rating: 5 Stars (Amazon combined rating 4 plus Stars)

Socialising without alcohol is feared by many who wish to remain sober. Will they ever have fun again? This step by step guide shows you simple techniques to use in all social occasions to avoid the temptation to drink while enjoying yourself too. Without alcohol your social life will never be the same again; it will be so much better!


Rachel Black lives in Scotland with her husband and two children. At the age of 40, she suffered the opposite of a mid-life crisis and decided to do things properly for once and for all. Blogging and writing all the way, Rachel tackled the wine first. An increasingly ‘normal’ habit of drinking wine most nights had taken a firm grip. Her first book ‘Sober is the New Black’ details this acknowledgment, the desire to control her drinking, and finally, acceptance that she cannot moderate her intake of wine and she embarks on a journey of self discovery as she stops drinking for good.One year later her diet demons take centre stage. Having previously been held in check to allow copious amounts of calorific wine, they now rampage free. Cakes, biscuits, chocolate and desserts have gone from occasional treats to daily indulgences and now the scales hover at dangerous heights. The time to change came one day when Rachel was afraid to wash her jeans, knowing they would return to their original size and no longer fit. ‘Sweet and Sober’ is her second non-fiction book and details of decades of disordered dieting and chaotic eating. This heart wrenching account examines her past, from anorexia to binge eating, and tries to understand why we can control many many desires, except that to eat.

Rachel still eats cake and continues to try to moderate it. She is pleased cake does not make her drunk or hungover and her favourite is Carrot Cake, because it’s healthy, right?

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Timeline of Tea

Although the great British cup of tea was not introduced in Britain until 1669, it’s history dates back to 2,737 BC, over 4,750 years ago!

I will be doing an ongoing series of blog’s on tea, the different kinds, health benefits, history, tea regions, how to brew and so. This first blog shows the timeline of tea from it’s discovery until the beginning of the 20th Century and will be edited and added to as a result of ongoing research.

2737 BC
Tea was accidentally discovered by Emperor Shennong in ancient China

Late 6th Century AD
Tea is introduced to Japan

780 AD
Tea is taxed and the first Book of Tea is written by Lu Yo of China

1368-1644 AD
Green, black and Oolong teas first appeared in the Ming Dynasty

Early 1600’s
Tea first arrives in the West

Mid 1600’s
Tea arrives in the New World
(New Amsterdam, a Dutch settlement at the southern tip of Manhattan Island that became New York city)

East India Company brings first tea shipment to England

The Boston Tea Party took place
(This was a political protest against the Tea Act of May 10, 1773 in which demonstrators destroyed an entire shipment of tea sent by the East India Company)

First planting of Taiwan Tea

The birth of Indian Tea
(The Assam tea plant was found growing wild on the side of the Brahamaputra in North East India)

The Tea Committee was formed by Lord William Bentinck
(This was a new charter focusing on the administration of tea production in India)

The first consignment of twelve boxes of Assam Tea were exported to England

The first consignment of eight chests of Assam Tea was auctioned in Calcutta

Tea cultivation was expanded to south-west India in the state of Kerala and the district of ilgiris in the state of Tamil Nadu

Formosa Oolong tea is first exported

The Indian Tea Association (ITA) is launched to promote the interests of the Indian tea industry

Imports of Indian tea into Britain exceeded that of China and continues to the present day

United Planters Association of Southern India (UPASI) was formed
(UPASI is an apex body of planters of tea, coffee, rubber, pepper and Cardamon in the Southern States of India, namely Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka)

The US Tea Act is passed to ensure quality standards of all tea imported into the States

The Tea bag was invented in the United States

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