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I must get fit!

Up to six years ago I completed marathons in under three and a half hours and regularly ran 20 to 40 mile off road races over the hills.

At that time I was physically fit as you can see here:

Me in 2008

Me on stage at age 50 in early 2009 – 11 stone and low body fat

Things changed in the Spring of 2009 when, as a result of a rugby injury, I had a total knee joint replacement¬†that meant that I could no longer run to keep fit (so that the artificial knee joint wouldn’t wear out too soon).

With less exercising, eating the same and having a drink or two when I would normally be training, I’ve gone from 11 stone and low body fat to 13 stone 10 pounds. Basically, I put on nearly three stone of fat in six years. Imagine that extra weight being a pile of sugar and having to lug it about.

Bags_of_ Sugar_Piled_Up

 Every kilo of extra weight is a bag of sugar being carried around!

I don’t believe in the blame game. It is easy to blame my knee replacement, but that did not cause me to eat and drink more than I needed. Neither did it stop me from going swimming, riding a bike or going to the gym.

No, if there is going to be blame, there is only one thing responsible for the weight gain and lack of fitness – ME!

Today, the 20th April, 2015, I am starting to put things right with eating and drinking sensibly and commencing an exercise programme to get fit without damaging my artificial knee joint.

You may wonder why I am publicising this? The answer is that by going public I will have to achieve my goal as I will not put myself in a position where people say that I am a loser without will power and strength of character.

I will post updates on my ‘back to fitness journey’ each weekend below. I hope it encourages others to look after their health.

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